Основные направления
Career development and Alumni relations

The level and quality of the educational institution in modern socio-economic conditions is determined primarily by the demand of graduates in the labor market, their competitiveness and success in building a professional career. To address these challenges, the University established The Center career development in 2005, now the Department of career development and alumni relations.

The adaptation of graduates to the labor market and their successful employment is as much a priority for us as the provision of high-quality modern education. Therefore, we pay great attention to the development of the Department of career development and alumni relations.

The main areas of work
  • Employment
    Assistance to students and graduates of the University in employment and career development
  • Assistance
    Assistance in organizing educational, industrial, pre-graduate and research practice of students, undergraduates and doctoral students
  • Partnerships
    Establishing partnerships between students and the business community of Kazakhstan, holding round tables with employers, encouraging entrepreneurship among graduates of Narxoz University
  • Organization
    Organization of master classes, guest lectures, online webinars for students
  • Education development
    Development of a competency-based approach to education
  • Analytical research
    Analytical research of the labor market, trends, employment indicators