Distance learning

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Admission for distance learning programs at Narxoz begins on June 01.
Narxoz offers distance learning programs in Kazakh and Russian in the following educational programs:
For applicants with higher education degree– 2 years of study
  1. Law
  2. Finance
  3. |Accounting and Audit
  4. Management
  5. Economics
For applicants with technical and professional, post – secondary education degree (after College) - 3 years of study
1. Law
2. Finance
3. Accounting and Audit
4. Management
5. Economics
One of the many advantages of Distance Learning is being able to learn on a par with full-time students. Using modern communication technologies, teachers and students can interact with each other in a virtual classroom, where students can access theoretical materials, analyze real-life cases, get recommendations for independent work and discuss issues with teachers.
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When choosing a distance learning format, self-discipline is an important factor, since flexible training time allows students not to limit themselves to the schedule of training sessions and visiting classrooms, choosing the time and place of study at their own discretion.
Instead of the usual lecture material, we suggest that students get video lectures and presentations, links to additional materials. Practical tasks help you independently consolidate the material you have studied.
What are the advantages of distance learning?
1. Accessibility: the ability to get a quality education from anywhere in the world. This is a particularly relevant issue for residents of the regions of Kazakhstan.
2. Flexibility: students can learn in a convenient place, at a convenient time and at a convenient pace. Each student devotes the time necessary to study to master the subject.
3. Save your time: you can create an individual schedule for yourself. The full volume of training material: video conferences and forum communication compensate for the lack of direct visual contact.
4. Adaptability: the ability to use information technologies and software products in the learning process.
What do I need to start studying?
1. PC or laptop with Internet
2. Camera, headphones, and standard software: Windows 7 and higher, Adobe Flash Player, backup programs, and multimedia support.
3. The desire to learn independently.
4. High self-discipline.
What documents are required to register for Distance Learning Technology courses?
Online registration and pre-payment of the tuition fee
How are classes conducted?
Classes are conducted online. Full-time classes are provided.
How long does it take to complete tasks?
You should expect that it may take a lot of time to study theoretical materials and complete tasks. It all depends on the student's ability to assimilate the materials, on the level of the basic training, motivation and self-discipline.
Who will help the student in distance learning?
Our portal contains training video courses that explain in detail the format of online training. Throughout the entire period, the learning process is accompanied by employees of the distance learning center.
What is the required list of documents?
1) Application
2) Certificate of education with Appendix
3) Copy of ID
4) Medical certificate
5) X-Ray
6) 6 copies of 3*4 size photos