Business law

  • Business law
  • Commercial and financial law
  • International law
  • Criminal law and justice
  • Social justice
  • Common law


Within the framework of joint work, the School of law and public policy of Narxoz University and the school of law of Coventry University strive to achieve a common goal — to make high-quality international legal education available to all students of Central Asia and the Asian region. By joining the dual degree program, students will become specialists in business law, commercial and financial law, or international law in four years, and receive two bachelor of Law degrees at once.B — - from Narxoz University and Coventry University.

Students spend the first three years in Almaty, and in the fourth year they go to Coventry (great Britain) to complete their studies. While studying at Narxoz University, students lay a serious theoretical and practical Foundation in the field of legal norms and principles applicable in Kazakhstan and the United Kingdom, while the last year in Coventry focuses on deeper immersion in the field of specialization. All dual degree programmes are almost identical to those of Coventry law School and are subject to close quality monitoring by the British University every year. This program was designed to provide students in Kazakhstan, Central Asia and the Asian region with the opportunity to earn a full British Bachelor of laws degree without having to bear the high burden of tuition and living expenses in the UK for the entire duration of their studies.

In addition, students who successfully complete the bachelor's degree program can complete their master's degree in Coventry in just 1 year and earn two Bachelor of laws degrees and a Master of Laws — LL.M) in just 5 years.

After the completion of the program graduates can

Qualified interpretation of international legal acts regulating international financial and economic relations.
Analyze and qualify phenomena, events and facts of international economic and financial life.
Participate in the legal examination of draft national regulatory legal acts for their compliance with the norms and principles of international law, as well as anti-corruption standards.
Provide qualified legal opinions and advice on international economic issues.
Possess communication skills and legal writing, work in a team to achieve the most effective result.
Participate in the development of regulatory legal acts and other legal documents using techniques and rules of legal technology.

Main disciplines

Coventry law school's core subjects taught at Narxoz University's School of law and public policy:
1. Public law
2. Contract law
3. Civil right
4. Criminal law
5. Land law
6. Securities and trust management
7. European Union law
Basic disciplines of the legal system of the Republic of Kazakhstan taught at the School of law and public policy of Narxoz University:
1. Theory of state and law
2. Constitutional right
3. Civil right
4. Civil procedure law
5. Administrative law
6. Criminal law
7. Criminal procedure law
Professional subjects taught at the School of law and public policy
1. Legal letter
2. Protection of interests and communication skills

Areas of specialization (trajectories) and disciplines of Coventry school of law

Business law
  • The skills of business transactions, negotiation, arbitration and preparation of documents
  • Corporate law
  • Labour law
  • Intellectual property right
  • Project
  • Continuing professional development
  • Add+vantage module to choose from"
Commercial and financial law
  • The skills of business transactions, negotiation, arbitration and preparation of documents
  • International trade law
  • Trade and representation
  • Banks and Finance
  • Project
  • Continuing professional development
  • Add+vantage module to choose from"
International law
  • International arbitration
  • Public international law
  • Comparative law
  • Conflict of laws
  • Project
  • Continuing professional development
  • Add+vantage module to choose from"
Criminal law and justice
  • Criminal defense
  • The conviction and sentence
  • International criminal law
  • The law of evidence
  • project
  • Continuous professional development 3
  • Add+vantage module to choose from"
Social justice
  • Alternative dispute resolution
  • Family law
  • Medical law and ethics
  • Equality and the law
  • project
  • Continuous professional development 3
  • Add+vantage module to choose from"
Common law
  • Client service
  • Companies Act
  • Family law
  • The law of evidence
  • project
  • Continuous professional development 3
  • Add+vantage module to choose from"


Classes are held with the involvement of practitioners in the field of jurisprudence from the banking and financial sectors of the economy in the field of international legal institutions
Bachelor's degree students receive knowledge and practice-oriented competencies in the field of international economic law, in the field of legal regulation of financial and economic legal relations within the framework of integration and globalization processes of the current stage of development of the world economy
The program is implemented jointly with the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation
When implementing the educational program for each discipline, appropriate training technologies and, above all, interactive forms are provided: role - playing and business games; methods of brainstorming and designing, working in small groups; solving situational problems, incidents; holding round tables, debates, discussions, etc.
Students are trained in the state authorities of the Republic of Kazakhstan, whose competence includes the implementation of foreign policy powers in the field of Economics and Finance, as well as in corporations with experience in the international economic sphere.


Financial University was founded in 1919 and is one of the top 170 universities in the QS EECA international ranking (Eastern Europe and Central Asia), and in QS BRICS the University is ranked 153rd.

The University has been included in the top-20 best universities in Russia for five years according to the rating Agency "Expert RA". In 2019, the financial University took the 15th place in the RAEX rating "100 best universities in Russia", as well as:

  • 17th place in terms of quality education;
  • 12th place in the field of information technology;
  • 6th place in demand for graduates by employers.

About Coventry University school of law

Coventry University school of law has 50 years of experience teaching law and has recently been accepted into The international Association of Law Schools. All the School's training courses are designed to meet market requirements and are focused on successful employment immediately after graduation.

Our undergraduate course (LL.B) is accredited by the British legal regulation Authority (Solicitors' Regulation Authority) and the bar Standards Board, and you will also have the opportunity to practice your knowledge and skills at the Coventry Law Centre. Especially for our students, we have opened access to the training courtroom, where they can get acquainted with the modern judicial process as part of ordinary classes, and participate in prestigious competitions (moot-court) in order to develop their skills as a lawyer.

To improve the quality of education at the master's level (LL.M) we attract experts from all over the world whose knowledge and skills help our students develop.

Additionally, Coventry law School has strong links with local firms that support talented students, offer graduate jobs, separately sponsor our moot court competitions, and work alongside us on the University's campus.

Benefits of a dual degree program

  • You get two degrees in 4 years, while under standard conditions this process would take 7 years
  • You get the opportunity to pass the exam for a lawyer's license to work in the UK
  • You are eligible to work in the UK for 2 years after completing the program
  • You get a quality international education at an affordable price
  • You get international experience and contacts all over the world
  • You get the opportunity to get a master of laws degree in Coventry at a substantial discount

Career & Job

The skills and knowledge acquired through the dual degree program fully meet the requirements of modern employers and prepare students to work in the global labor market. Both the Narxhoz University Career Center and the Coventry University Career Center are ready to provide each student with all the necessary advice, offer employment opportunities, discuss and check resumes and applications for competitions, and invite them to participate in the annual job fairs.

Upon successful completion of this program, you will have a range of skills and abilities in research, analysis, critical analysis, evaluation, problem solving, communication, public speaking, and reflexive learning.

The goal of the joint program of Narxoz University and Coventry University is to prepare you for your future career and give each of our graduates the best competitive advantages in the labor market!
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