City management


This training complex has no analogues in Kazakhstan and offers a wide range of skills and competencies for building a successful career.

The main goal of the "city management" program is to train managers who are able to ensure the organization and effective operation of state and local government bodies, taking into account the requirements of legislation and using innovative management technologies.

The skills learned in our program will open many career doors for you as a professional in the field of public administration and an effective Manager in the implementation of projects.

Areas of competence

Project management
Having started working, our graduates are able to correctly manage the resources of cities and other territorial units, ensuring the achievement of the set goals of sustainable development or the implementation of state projects / programs.
The calculation of the efficiency
The course focuses on the study of methods for calculating the efficiency of economic activities to assess the effectiveness of management of state and local Executive bodies of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
The program provides graduates with a wide range of tools in the formation of corporate culture, which includes such important elements as developing leadership qualities and encouraging employees to develop.
Each student of the program must master the skills of analyzing socio-economic indicators to determine priority areas in public administration and form concepts of strategic development.
Development of proposals
Within the framework of "city management" programs, the student acquires not only the skill of critical assessment of the management system in public authorities, but also the ability to develop competent and timely adjustments.
The graduate of the program is able to make unconventional decisions, assess their consequences and take into account the risks.

Practice and internship

The scientific and educational Department "Public administration" has formed a wide pool of organizations and employers interested in undergraduate graduates and ready to actively participate in the organization of student practices. We offer not only short-term internships for the spring period, but also full-fledged internships in public and private sector organizations. The program also actively expands international cooperation with leading universities in the world and provides an opportunity, if you have a good English language, to take an internship in the United States and other countries.

Employment of graduates

  • Public service
  • Public corporations and foundations
  • Budgetary institution
  • International public sector companies
  • Nonprofit organization
  • Research and expert-analytical organizations
  • Public organization
  • Educational institution
  • Commercial companies with state participation
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