Investigation of financial and economic fraud


Dear applicants, we are pleased to introduce the program "Investigation of Financial and Economic Fraud"!

The program is aimed to prepare highly qualified specialists and managers who will have comprehensive knowledge of the legal and procedural aspects of investigating financial and economic fraud, which can ensure the economic security of state structures at all levels, municipalities, and business entities, regardless of ownership or capitalization.

The program is designed to enhance the degree of satisfaction of the educational needs of the individual, society and the state, the development of a single educational space in the field of jurisprudence and the promotion of its integration into the global educational, research and information environment.

Department of Criminal Law Disciplines

After the completion of the course graduates can

Perform duties relate to law, order and economic security.
Identify, combat and prevent financial and economic offenses, as well as identify and eliminate the causes and conditions conducive to these crimes.
Assess and promote the combat of illegal behavior of persons who have committed official and other offenses of a financial and economic nature.
Independently draw up acts of professional interpretation of the rule of law, develop normative legal acts and other legal documents based on the basic principles of lawmaking.
Carry out the prevention and combat of offenses in the financial field, including corruption.
Learn to manage team work, take organizational and managerial decisions to achieve the goal.


The graduate program is implemented by lecturers with extensive experience in practical activities in regulatory and law enforcement agencies. The current employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the prosecutor's office are also involved in teaching.
Graduates receive unique practice-oriented knowledge in the field of investigation and prevention of financial and economic offenses.
A unique program, the only one in the country.
Graduates have the opportunity to acquire practical knowledge, skills and abilities in the country's law enforcement agencies, government authorities, large international corporations and audit companies.

Career & Job

The main prospective employers of our students are law enforcement bodies of the Republic of Kazakhstan, structural units of state authorities and local authorities, as well as consulting, economic, financial, marketing and analytical units of variety of organizations.
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