Open lecture by SRCC Director for Yessenov University

On March 4 and 5, Anjan Ghosh, Director of the Silk Road Case Center at Narxoz University, delivered an open lecture and a series of master classes on case development for Yessenov University employees.

In particular, the training seminar on the topic "Preparation of Business Cases and their Application in the Educational Process" was devoted to the importance of cases as an effective educational tool, their development and commercialization in the international arena. At another seminar for doctoral students and undergraduates on the topic "Conducting research work using business cases", the issues of high-quality research work were covered and answers were given to participants' questions. The final touch was the “Guest Lecture” for the students of the Faculty of Business and Law on the topic “Entrepreneurship and Startup Creation”.

SRCC is one of the few unique centers focused on developing cases from Central Asian organizations and promoting them to regional and global audiences. At the moment, business cases of Forte Bank, We'd Meat Burger, ChocoTravel, The Chess Academy of Kazakhstan, Soluxe Hotel, LingvoMania companies have been developed and presented with which Narxoz students, with the support of the Center, won the prestigious world conference North American Case Research Association (NACRA ).
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