Volunteering and SPL – a modern practice of social interaction

The first forum is devoted to the results of the implementation of the joint project «Accessible Kazakhstan» by the Social Work OP and the Eurasia and Central Asia Foundation (our partner). The «Accessible Kazakhstan» project is a republican one, funded by the European Union. Our task was to provide technical support for the project in Almaty. The task was completed with the help of volunteer students of the specialty «Social Work». On February 05, at the forum, our students will have to report on the results of their work and determine the prospects for participation in new joint projects.

1. Opening remarks by Dr. Euan Simpson, Dean of the School of Society, Ecology and Technology.
2. Mednikova Irina – public figure, head of the Misk Board of Trustees.
3. Karlybayeva Akmaral Ilyasovna – manager of the CF Eurasia Foundation of Central Asia.
4. Kulakhmetova Meruert – Deputy Chairman of the Society of Disabled People “Zhan Demeu”
5. Userbay Medina, Seipoldaeva Alima, Erbolat Abduov – 3rd year students, specialty Social work, NJSC Narxoz (volunteers of the «Accessible Kazakhstan» project).
6. Guest of the forum, KOMUS VOLUNTEER 2020 – Mensulu Izmakova and others.

Date: 02/05/2021
Time: 10.00-11.00
Research 2020-2021