Social Work

The educational program “Social Work” with the specialization in “Social and Psychological Work with Different Groups of the Population” is aimed at training specialists in the field of organization and management of the social sphere, social psychology. The close connection between the theory and practice of social work, with an emphasis on social psychology, forms within this program competitive specialists in the social sphere for both the state and non-governmental sector, engaged in solving social problems in the republic of Kazakhstan and abroad. Given the high demand in the labor market for social service specialists and its high labor mobility, students will be able to be in demand after graduation in different parts of the world.

Course overview
  • Psychology
  • Technologies of social work
  • Fundamentals of social medicine
  • Social work psychology and personality psychology
  • Social security and social service standards
  • Legal support for social work
  • Psychodiagnostics and psychocorrection
  • Age and differential psychology
  • Social work with vulnerable segments of the population
  • Evaluation of social programs
  • Social entrepreneurship and design

What can I do with this program?

The range and depth of the program will provide competitive graduates in the labor market. They will be able to contribute to the development of social management, social services in education, health, social security, including the implementation of new social projects. They will also be employable by government departments, such as those dealing with social development and welfare. Our students have good opportunities for academic mobility and admission to master’s degree programs to further develop their expertise.

Academic perspectives:
  • Continuing master’s degree in social work, public administration, psychology, sociology, etc.
Professional opportunities:
  • Work in state social protection and management bodies;
  • In branches of international organizations USAID, UNICEF, UN; local NGOS;
  • In the private sector providing social services

Psychological Counseling

The educational program “Psychology” with the specialization in “Psychology of Professional Activity” trains leading specialists who possess modern methods of psychological diagnostics, correction and have deep knowledge of classical and modern psychology. Forecasts of labor market specialists indicate a great demand for specialists in the field of psychology with a wide variety of specializations from business psychology to family psychology. The result of training in the psychology program at Narxoz will be the formation of high-demand professionals of organizational psychology, competitive in employment, admission and mobility in local universities and universities of near and far abroad.
Course overview
  • General psychology
  • Age psychology
  • Personality psychology
  • Social psychology
  • Psychology of stress and stress-resistant behavior
  • Workshop on business communication psychology
  • Workshop on social and psychological training
  • Conflictology and deviantology
  • Medical psychology
  • Organizational psychology

What can I do with this program?

Academic perspectives:
  • Continuing to study for a master’s degree in psychology, social work, economics, public administration, etc.

Professional opportunities:
  • Work in state social protection and management bodies;
  • In branches of international organizations USAID, UNICEF, UN;
  • In schools and colleges; local NGOS;
  • In commercial organizations, in the HR department;
  • In the private sector that provides psychological services.


The educational program “Sociology” with specializations in “Sociology of the City” and “Sociology of Digital Technologies” is aimed at training specialists in the field of sociology of urbanism and digital sociology. Current courses of the program, specialists with extensive experience in conducting practical sociological research and mandatory involvement of students in urban and national projects, opportunities to improve English language to a professional level – there are the main differences and advantages of this specialty in Narxoz University The flexibility of the program and the focus on developing skills in conducting applied sociological research will allow graduates not to be limited in their professional development. Graduates of the program can successfully organize and carry out marketing and political applied research.
Course overview
  • Modern sociological theories
  • Methodology of sociological research
  • Socio-economic statistics and software products for sociologists
  • Social research of the city
  • Urban ecology
  • Urban policy analysis
  • Urban planner
  • Data visualization
  • Digital data analysis
  • Critical sociology of Big Data

What can I do with this program?

Academic perspectives:
Continuing master’s studies in Kazakhstan and abroad in the fields of sociology, public administration, psychology of the ministry of defense, etc.

Professional opportunities:
  • Work as a sociologist-analyst in government agencies;
  • In sociological and marketing organizations;
  • Local NGOS and international organizations;
  • In educational sphere.
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