Mission and Vision

The Sustainable Kazakhstan Research Institute's (SKRI) mission is to foster solutions driven research and field work which aim to solve some of the most pressing sustainability challenges in Kazakhstan and beyond.

Our vision is a world where prosperity is measured by social and environmental wellbeing.

Our vision is to build partnerships, conduct quality research and implement field work that assists in achieving prosperity not only in Kazakhstan, but globally.

In the context of this mission the SKRI engages in three streams of work that are inter-connected and complement each other.
➢ Building a culture of SD within Narxoz University and among its partners
➢ Research on SD
➢ Implementing sustainable solutions
SKRI together with the sustainability committee worked together to finalize a draft of a campus wide sustainability strategy
Developed course content on the Sustainable Development Goals and delivered its first semester long course in the fall 2019
Integrated SD learning objectives into the ecology curricula
Reached out to create a dual degree in Ecology and Sustainable Development with Keele University
All projects in sustainability
1. PArtnership with AUAS
2. Urban Forum
3. Global Week and Green Day