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Sustainability Strategy

The University is one of the first in the region to have a Strategy for Sustainable Development that sets forth a comprehensive vision of our local contribution to the implementation of the United Nations SDGs University wide. The Sustainable Narxoz-2030 Strategy was developed through a coordinated effort with the Sustainable Development Committee and the Sustainable Kazakhstan Research Institute (SKRI). The Strategy sets forth a vision of what we would envision for our community concentrated into four core areas: a) Campus culture; b) Education/research/curricula/transdisciplinary work on sustainability; c) Campus operations; d) Sustainable office.

The Sustainable Kazakhstan Research Institute (SKRI) in collaboration with the Narxoz University management, staff and students aim to help contribute to this vision through activities at the University and in our larger community in Almaty.
Sustainabiliy Strategy

As one of the leading institutions of business and Sustainable Development, Narxoz University is actively working to improve and implement the principles of responsible education (PRME). Narxoz University joint more than 95 leading business schools in more than 800 countries to promote these core values.

Operating on the basis of six principles, PRME attracts business and management schools to train future leaders in the skills needed to achieve a balance between economic goals and the sustainability goals, while focusing on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and bringing academic institutions in line with the work of the UN Global Compact.

By joining PRME, Narxoz University has made a clear commitment to promote values such as sustainability, responsibility, and ethics, such as teaching, research, and leadership thinking. Below you can find the most recent PRME report on how Narxoz University worked to implement these principles in 2020.