Orientation meeting with the new research fellows

On December 15, 2020, an orientation meeting was held with the new research fellows of the 2020-2021 program. During the meeting the opening speech was made by the deputy Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs of Narxoz University - Aigerim Raimzhanova, Ph.D. The key speakers of the meeting were international experts: Professor Mieke Meurs, Co-Director of the Gender Analysis Program in Economics, American University (Washington DC, USA), who made a presentation about the main areas of research in the field of gender economics and gave very valuable advice for future research to the fellows; and Altynai Mambetova, co-founder of the School of Data in Kyrgyzstan and data journalist, who spoke about the possibilities of data processing and visualization, in order to make it understandable and interesting for people. Director of GERC Maigul Nugmanova, PhD in Economic Sciences, acquainted the participants with the activities of the Center and spoke about the plan and schedule of work for the upcoming research, as well as about the planned workshops and trainings that will be conducted within the framework of the scholarship program by international experts from the USA and South Korea.

This year's fellowship program will feature three researchers who will explore topics such as: «Gender segregation and inequality in the labor market: the impact of COVID-19», «Impact of the pandemic on women's unpaid care and domestic work», «Gender statistics».
Participants of the 2020-2021 program are:
1. Akbota Saduakasova, MSc in Economics, Kazakh-German University;
2. Almira Tabaeva, MSc, Nazarbayev University;
3. Alisher Tleubaev, MSc, University of Suleiman Demirel. The directions chosen by the researchers are very interesting and relevant.

GERC team is grateful to Professor Mieke Meurs, for her valuable contribution and support in the development of the Gender Economics Research Center at Narxoz University. Scholarship program is implemented with the support of the Soros Kazakhstan Foundation.

We wish the researchers fruitful and interesting work and good publications!