Meeting with a representative of QS rating

On May 25, the Acting Rector of Narxoz University NJSC Stanislav Buyansky met with
the Regional Director of QS in Eastern Europe and Central Asia Sergey Khristolyubov.
As part of the meeting, the focusing of the University employees efforts in advancing in the
QS rating as well as the upcoming innovations in the university evaluation system were

Ratings are not just columns and numbers; they are an indicator of effectiveness and
quality of university education. QS is the most authoritative and, more importantly, objective
rating that reflects the actual activities of universities. Narxoz is also involved in calculation
and metrics, and sees the QS rating as a reference point in its educational and scientific
activities Stanislav Buyansky stressed.

QS World University Rankings started its activity in 2004. After 15 years, it has become the
worldmost popular source of comparative data on university performance by various
criteria, located on In 2019, the web-site had 149 million visits.