Astana process on the Syrian peace settlement: challenges for new problems or the end of negotiations?

On October 30, 2020the department of "International Relations and Political Science” held a seminar with expert discussion on the topic "Astana process on the Syrian peace settlement: challenges for new problems or the end of negotiations?". The moderator was Associate Professor Mukan S.M., Ph.D.

The discussion was attended by: from Turkey Director of the Eurasian Studies of the Ankara Center for Crisis Situations and Politics (ANKASAM), Dr. DinmuhammedAmetbek, from Iran - a young researcher of the Department of Theory and History of International Relations of the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia (RUDN) Daniel RanjbarMeshkin, from Kazakhstan - Senior Lecturer of the Department of International Relations and World Politics of Al-FarabiKazNUAdilbekErmekbaev, PhD.

During the discussion, the invited domestic and foreign experts noted the constructive need for further preservation and implementation of a balanced and peaceful multi-vector foreign policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, despite the sudden difficulties in the implementation of this task by the country's Ministry of Foreign Policy. They emphasized that the organization of peace negotiations declares Kazakhstan as a "Eurasian actor who contributes to the stability and prosperity of the region", and also forms the country's image from the standpoint of "Astana - New Geneva".

We remind you that Turkey, Iran, and Russia play a mediating role in resolving the Syrian crisis in the Astana process. The invited experts shared their views from the inside, based on observation in the countries where they live and are actively involved in expert activities. The parties exchanged views on the further continuation of a series of online discussion events on topical issues of international relations.
2020-2021 Fall semester 2020-2021