Charity Tournament on the topic "Ethics"

Narxoz Student Research Club and the Narxoz Volunteer League on April 21, 2021
held a charity tournament on the theme "Ethics".

Students from the first to the third year took part in the competition.

The tournament consisted of three stages:
1. Quizizz Ethics History Testing,
2. Solving situational problems on the topic of applied ethics
3. Quotes from authors and thinkers

Students argued their positions in the framework of ethical issues, presented to them as case studies and completed assignments on the online platform. The arguments were directed solely in support of the author's opinion.
As a result of the competition, all the contestants received certificates. The winners received merch from Narxoz University: 1st place - sweatshirt, 2nd place - mug, 3rd place - diary.

The jury of the competition consisted of the following:
1. Mukan Saken Mukanuly - Associate Professor of the Social Sciences SED;
2. Galaev Ruslan Kureyshevich - teacher of Department of SED General Education;
3. Tashbulatova Makhabbat Kozuevna - Associate Professor of Department of SED General Education;
4. Saudabekova Elmira Kartambaevna - Associate Professor of Department of SED General Education.

Information about the game can be viewed at the link:
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