Narxoz University, Almaty, Kazakhstan
Ryskulov conference - 2022

NJSC "Narxoz University" invites scholars, doctoral students and practitioners to participate in the conference to share preliminary or final results of research. Preference is given to scientific work of an applied nature, which can influence decision-making in various fields. We believe in the importance of using data and a scientific approach in decision-making at all levels and in all areas. Public policy, private sector strategies, policies if educational institutions and everyday decisions of individuals will be more effective if they are based on a systematic examination of the facts and on the results of scientific research.
Impact of applied research on decision making
Main areas of the conference
Socio-economic development within the framework of the SDGs
Creative economy and entrepreneurship
Gender economics and cultural studies
Digitalization and data-driven decision-making
Research in education
 and science
Research in law and public administration
  • Applications are accepted until March 31, 2022
  • Applications are submitted electronically.
  • To participate in the conference, you need to provide an extended abstract of the planned study or completed work.
Requirements for participation

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As a prominent representative of the Kazakh intelligentsia of the first half of the twentieth century, he made a significant contribution to the economic development of the Central Asian republics including Kazakhstan. His efforts played a crucial role in the initiation and implementation of such major projects as the construction of the Turkestan-Siberian Railway, the coal mining and metallurgical complexes of Karaganda, the non-ferrous metallurgy of Eastern and Southern Kazakhstan, as well as the oil and gas industry of Western Kazakhstan.

By the decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2000 Narxoz University (then the Kazakh State Academy of Management) was named after Turar Ryskulov. After a series of transformations and a rebranding project in 2016 the university has acquired its modern name. Yet, the monument standing in front of the main building and annual conferences remain an important reminder and the recognition of the contribution of the outstanding Kazakh figure Turar Ryskulov to the economic development of the country.
Narxoz University annually organizes Ryskulov research conferences in the memory of a famous Kazakhstani public figure and diplomat- Turar Ryskulov.
Turar Ryskulov