Narxoz University, Almaty, Kazakhstan
The conference will be held on April 25, 2022
Thematic directions
Economics and finance
Management and Entrepreneurship
Political science, history and international relations
Sociology and psychology
Information technology and digitalization
Ecology, tourism and sustainable development
Public administration and law
Education and science
  • Submit an article by April 07, 2022 (inclusive)
  • Applications are submitted electronically
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Article Writing Guide

The article may consist of four chapters (Introduction, Research Methodology, Results, Conclusion). The questions and notes below will help you write your article. Make sure each chapter contains answers to these questions.
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What is your research problem?(1) Why is it relevant/important? Are there already scientific works of other authors on these problems? What is the purpose of the study?(2)
Research Methodology
How will you achieve the research goal? What research methods or what theoretical postulates will help you in this process?
Concept papers in political science or international relations often cite a theoretical framework instead of research methods. If the research relies on the researcher's own data collection (primary data) or the systematic use of secondary data (data collected and processed by others), then a description of the research methods is mandatory.
What results did you get during the research? The results should be directly related to the purpose of the study and should be obtained using the methodology given in the previous chapter.
What is the main finding of your study? (3) Do your findings differ from similar studies on this issue? How might your results influence the practice and solution of a socioeconomic or other problem? Are there any limitations in the study? (4)

1) A research problem is a phenomenon/question/process requiring further study or understanding. The problem may be the lack of knowledge in some areas. It is necessary to distinguish between a problem in social life and a problem of research. For example, "high unemployment" is a socioeconomic problem, not a research problem. The problem with this kind of research may be “understanding the impact of structural changes in the economy on the unemployment rate”
2) The purpose of the research should be stated briefly and clearly. The purpose of the research should be related to the research problem. If in the research problem you indicate that “the influence of structural changes in the economy on the unemployment rate, etc., etc. have not been sufficiently studied”, then the purpose of the study can be formulated as follows: “The purpose of this work is to study the impact of structural changes in the economy on the level unemployment"
3) Here you can briefly rephrase the purpose of the study and summarize the main results.
4) Limitations may be the lack of data to generalize the results, possible problems with representativeness, etc.