For the citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Admission for the self funded and state grants funded students carries out based on the application submitted considering the National Test scores, conducted using technologies developed by the National Testing Center of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  • Application form;
  • Master copy of the certificate of education or diploma;
  • Certificate with the results of the National Test;
  • 6 copies of 3 x 4 sized photos;
  • Medical certificate;
  • Copy of vaccination card (form 063)
  • Master copy of the X-ray
  • Copy of the military registration certificate for young men
  • 2 copies of ID
For International students
Admission of self-funded foreign students into the higher educational institutions is carried out based on the interview or an admission test conducted by the university's Admissions Office. Foreign students who have graduated from educational institutions in Kazakhstan or outside of Kazakhstan can be admitted to the Paid Department of the University based on the interview or admission exam.
  • Application form;
  • Master copy of the document on general secondary, technical and professional, after secondary or higher education with notarized translation into Kazakh and/or Russian;
  • Passport and its notarized copy in Kazakh and/or Russian;
  • 6 copies of 3 x 4 sized photos;
  • Medical certificate 075Y and Master copy of X-ray received in Kazakhstan;
  • Application form for foreign applicants (application form for foreign students)