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Dean of School of Digital Technologies, Narxoz University
Ewan Simpson
Professor Ewan Simpson, PhD, a native of Scotland, is the founding Dean of Narxoz University's School of Digital Technologies. Prior to that, he was the founding Dean of the School of Society, Technology and the Environment (2019), the School of Law and Social Sciences (2018) and the Acting Dean of Business (2019) at Narxoz.

Before joining Narxoz University, Professor SImpson held various teaching and executive positions at KIMEP University (2004-2014) and was Dean of the Business Faculty of the Kazakh-British Technical University (2014-2018). In his sixteen years of study in higher educational institutions of Kazakhstan, he developed a deep understanding of the functioning of the economy and society, the fundamental importance of adoption of high technology to drive socioeconomic development and the key role of high-quality higher education for the future of the country.

All of this is based on the Dean's experience as a researcher of economic and urban development at the University of Glasgow (1993-2004). Ewan completed his doctoral dissertation in 1999 on the management of partnerships for city development. In addition, his research and consulting activities have focused on technology and entrepreneurship, smart city development, the development of the knowledge-based and creative economies, in addition to various cluster mapping activities focused on aerospace, metallurgy, information technology and the video games industry. Throughout his career, research has focused on the interface of the development and adoption of technology to accelerate business development, regional growth and national socio economic development.

Ewan is also an experienced teacher and trainer, well versed in programming for a variety of audiences. The Dean continues to teach from undergraduate to senior executive students and has also provided leadership training in Central Asia, Africa, Asia and the UK. 

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