National Academic Association (UMO RUMS)

National Academic Association (UMO RUMS) operates on the basis of the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Creation of the Republican Educational-Methodical Council of Higher and Postgraduate Education and Educational Organizations in the Areas of Training and Approval of their Activity" #562 from 12 October 2018 and the order #52 from 11 February 2020 "On Amendments and Additions to Decree #562 from 12 October 2018".
The Association is an advisory working body in the system of higher and postgraduate education of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The Association's activity is overseen by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The Association's goal is monitor activity in the appropriate specialties and make recommendations on the academic and methodological component of the educational programs. The Association also recommends textbooks and educational materials in the outlined specialties.

The Association consists of the representatives of higher education institutions, employers, international partners, non-governmental organizations and other interested parties.

041 Business and Management:
  • Finance, Banking and Insurance
  • Economy
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Evaluation
  • Human resource management
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Narxoz University is the Association's base for the following educational programs:
Policy on submitting materials to the Association
Members of the Association 2020-2021
Meeting on 28.04.2021
Презентации с пленарного заседания

"Қазақстан Республикасындағы жоғарғы оқу орындары мен бизнестің интеграциясының даму болашағы"

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"Cultural change as the foundation of higher education transformation"  

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"Организация инклюзивного образования в вузах РК"

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Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs