The 1st International Conference on Sustainable Regional Development in Central Asia
(Ryskulov conference - 2023 + Q2 Journal)
60th Anniversary of Narxoz University!
With support of the Journal of Regional Science Policy & Practice (Q2)
Narxoz Research
Narxoz University aims to make a sustainable contribution to the development of educational and scientific activities in Kazakhstan and contribute to the process of entry of the Republic of Kazakhstan into the world scientific space

The scientific activity of the University is coordinated by the Vice Provost for Science. The Research Department is the central subdivision for organizing, supporting and monitoring scientific activities

More than 15 research and education projects
200+ research papers in local and international peer-reviewed journals
Four active working research centers for applied projects
"Narxoz Unviersity is striving for new knowledge. That is not what makes us better than other universities, that is what makes us better than we were yesterday"

- Andrey Shenin,

Vice-Provost for Research

Research Projects
Research Centers
Tilda Publishing
    Research Department
    As a coordination unit, the Research Department aims to support the activity of the Narxoz research centers and projects and develop the necessary mechanisms for the conduct of successful research

    Email: research@narxoz.kz
    Address: Zhandosova, 55. Office #235