The student life of Narxoz will be remembered for a lifetime, we promise!

Starting from the first day of training to graduation - the event for students is organized by the Dean's Office for Student Relations.
We are open to all students' ideas and will happily support your endeavors! Check out the reviews of previous years!
Student Dean
Senior manager
Creative Curator
Psychologist Dean
She will help to shape the ideas of the event or the student club. She will tell you with the search for partners and sponsors for events, as well as opportunities to take part in student events in Kazakhstan and abroad!
He will help on any issues, especially on all large-scale events and the work of the Student Council
He will prompt and help you develop your creative skills at the university and beyond.
She will help to find answers to vital issues of life, will provide support in difficult situations. Tips on issues of participation in trainings and film club.
This is one of the types of psychological assistance provided by a professional to clients in situations of various life difficulties and psychological crises. You can get individual, confidential specialist advice on a wide range of issues (self-confidence, motivation, relationships, etc.)

To register, read the QR code using a mobile application or follow the link.
Student council
The Student Council of the University is an elected representative body of university students studying under the full-time undergraduate program, which was created to preserve and develop the traditions of students, the formation of a civic culture, an active citizenship of students, and the development of their social maturity, independence, self-organization and self-development, ensuring the implementation of the rights to students to participate in the management of the University, assessing the quality of the educational process.

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