Our programs are aimed at providing students with a quality practice- oriented education in the field of information and communication technologies (ICT), mathematics and statistics, allowing them to develop and apply solutions based on advanced digital technologies, both for building a successful career and for real support of accelerated modernization and digital transformation of the economy and society of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Welcome to the School of Digital Technology!

We help our students:

Receive a quality education focused on the development of practical skills to help them find interesting and useful jobs.

Develop creative, problem-solving and critical thinking skills, and the ability to apply them to understand real-world problems - skills that employers value highly.

Become active citizens contributing to the development of the economy and society by building expertise in areas important for the digitalization of Kazakhstan and Central Asia.

Get a deep understanding of the chosen educational program with the help of the available mini specialization programs, as well as unique additional minor programs, where, for example, IT students can learn about ecology, economics, public administration, law, business, international relations and social work.