Meet our students

  • Nazym Muratkhanova

    A lucky chance helped me to enroll to Narxoz University. I filled the fourth blank space of my grant application with "Information Systems, Narxoz University" only on the advice of my friends who also really wanted to apply themselves there too. At that time I did not know anything about this university and specialty, but I took the advice and decided to enroll to Narxoz. Ironically, none of my friends who applied to the Narxoz did not enter, but I turned out to be very lucky. I do not regret my rash and spontaneous decision at all.

    I used to be a reserved and passive person. Since becoming a student of Narxoz, I have changed my character, found many new friends, learned to maintain good relationships with teachers and actively lead a student life, engaged in self-development, participated in competitions, Olympiads and festivals. I got a job in Beeline, thanks to the Career Center Narxoz. Most of all, I like that students are notified about each new competition, training courses, and so on. It helps you find yourself.
  • Aikumis Omirali
    Why did I choose Narxoz University and my program?

    University is more than just education. The university experience gives us the knowledge, skills, confidence and experience to help us make our world a better place. I chose Narxoz University because I know that I will get a decent education here. There are many opportunities for self-realization and self-development here. The school has a very good and strong teaching staff! I'm sure these people are experts in their sphere! I can learn a lot from them. In particular, I am sure that after graduating from Narxoz University, I will be able to get a well-paid job, since we have a "Career Center": every academic semester they offer us the opportunity to complete an internship in different companies in the country.

    I got the opportunity to participate in many international conferences, competitions, and hackathons, thanks to Narxoz University. Precisely, I became a participant of the "Chatbot Datathon 2020" of the Australian company AI4IMRAST.
    Most of all I like the relationship between students and teachers at our University. Respect for each other comes first. This allows you to find a common language and be in a good relationship with the teacher.
  • Azel Zhuman
    Mathematics is the queen of science. Considering it has been interesting to me from childhood: I have a carte blanche in your hands. I graduated from a physics and mathematics school, won prizes at international and national Olympiads in exact sciences, developed analytical and logical thinking, which gradually led to the choice of a future specialty. The choice of the "Mathematics and Statistics" was not accidental. Narxoz, keeping up with the times, was the first to open this program. And my choice was obvious.

    During my studies, I found many new friends and became an active student: I was a member of the student council of SSTE. I am still a 1-year student, but I already have participated in 3 conferences at the National level, 5 publications during the 1 semester and received the medal for "Best Young Scientist of the CIS-2020".
    Narxoz is a university for turning all ideas into reality. At our university the teaching staff always strives to ensure that students receive a quality education. I am very lucky with my classmates, with whom we only smile and have fun as students and gain knowledge. The university has met all my expectations of student life.
  • Anastasia Mordacheva

    Narxoz pays special attention to personal growth. Any initiative will be supported and sponsored, even the most daring and promising projects and dreams. If you want to open your own club cinema, or a music club Narxoz will support this initiative too. If you want to travel, you can visit other countries through an academic mobility. I know from my own experience that a student will be led from start to finish, from the university door to the plane and back. So if you are an individual who wants to see the world, but you are scared to organize a cherished journey on your own, Narxoz will also help you out. Of course, these are not idle trips - scientific events or internships, but students manage to get everything - medals, experience, and still have time to relax. Participation in scientific conferences and Olympiads is highly appreciated and encouraged by the university management. Teachers advise and provide comprehensive support.

    The most important impression about the organization is created by people. And over the years of studying here, I was convinced of this. Of course, nowhere is perfect. Even at school, we had unloved teachers or a grumpy janitor. However, the professionalism of the university's teachers is at the highest level. All teachers are highly qualified specialists or scientists. From each of them, you can learn not only the subject they teach, but also everyday wisdom. This is especially useful where there is no "answer sheet in the end of the book". Unique techniques and methods - this is undoubtedly a distinctive feature of the level of teaching at the Narxoz University. There are not only generally accepted rules of post-Soviet education, but also elements of European and Western education, professionally integrated into the educational process. Taking advantage of the situation, I want to thank for the excellent mentoring from Aldazharov Kanagat Smakovich. It was his coordination that opened the boundaries of my vocation in life.

  • Eldar Toleubai

    Since my school years, I have dreamed of working in the IT field. When I graduated from high school and chose an educational institution, I did not think that I would become a student of Narxoz University. But over time, I realized that I was not wrong in my choice. First of all, Narxoz University has given us the opportunity to exchange experience not only with students of our specialty, but also with students of other specialties, while being in the same class. This opportunity not only helped me become a specialist, but also developed my leadership skills. I can confidently say that I have achieved many successful results together with the university. The most important of them was my participation in the ACM ICPC World Programming Championship 2019. I think this event has laid a great path for my future career. Also, while studying at the university, I was able to defend my project at the Creative Spark BigIdeaChallenge startup competition with the support of the British Council and attract significant financial investments in my project. And this is only a small part of my achievements. I am very grateful to the university, both for these achievements, and for the fact that Narxoz paved a great way for my future. What do I like most about Narxoz University? The progress! For example, since the year I entered, and to the present time, there have been many changes in the Narxoz for the better. And the development of the university, of course, influenced my development as a professional and individual.