PhD Department


for 2022-2023 Academic Year

The PhD doctoral program is an educational program of postgraduate education aimed at training scientific and pedagogical personnel with the award of a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree with a period of study of at least three years. The introduction of the PhD program in Kazakhstan was the result of the transition to a three-stage model of higher education (bachelor's - master's - PhD) as part of the implementation of the basic principles of the Bologna process.
PhD doctoral educational programs are an integral part of the educational concept and development strategy of Narxoz University. The goal of the PhD program is to train world-class scientific personnel with fundamental scientific training, possessing modern information technologies, including methods of obtaining, processing and storing scientific information, who are able to organize and conduct research activities in the chosen scientific specialty.
Mission of the program PhD is aimed at reviving the research profile of the university, at developing intellectual skills, as well as at meeting the needs of the national economy for highly qualified personnel through the implementation of continuous multi-level economic and business education based on domestic traditions and the best world experience.

The mission and objectives of PhD doctoral studies closely overlap with the mission and objectives of Narxoz University. In line with the development strategy of Narxoz University, the PhD is striving to become the best and most innovative program in Kazakhstan and Central Asia. Achieving this vision is based on the implementation of the following development objectives for PhD doctoral programs:
  • Transformation of educational programs of PhD doctoral studies in accordance with the world practice of training scientific personnel
  • Provision of qualitative composition of teachers and researchers working at the doctoral PhD programs
  • Providing quality training of doctoral students, aimed at strengthening research competence of students
  • The focus of research of doctoral students of the PhD program on meeting the needs of the economy of Kazakhstan
  • Creating a supportive research environment.
    Director of SED "Doctoral Studies"
    Research areas: Development Issues of Financial Management, Corporate Finance, Development of the financial sector of the national economy, Financial support of the competitiveness of the economy.
    Author of over 150 scientific publications, textbooks, monographs, teaching aids.

    Deputy Director of the SED "Doctoral Studies"
    Research areas: Public administration, Development of entrepreneurial and business education, Internationalization of higher education.

    Tel .: +7 (727) 377-13-22
    Chief Specialist, Master of Economics
    Тел.: (727) 377-13-21
    Chief Specialist of the Dissertation Council
    Тел.: (727) 377-16-48
    Associate Professor-Researcher
    Visiting Professor Researcher

Training courses

Within the framework of theoretical training (1, 2 semester)


Teaching Practice (10 credits) - 2nd semester
Research Practice (10 credits) - 3rd semester

Research work (123 credits)

(scientific publications, doctoral dissertation, scientific internships)

Final certification

(doctoral dissertation defense) - 12 cr.
    PhD, Associate Professor - Researcher
    Academic degrees: PhD in Economics. The George Washington University (Washington, DC, USA); MA in Applied Economics. Northeastern University (Boston, USA).

    Field of study: International Trade and Energy Economics

    Author's courses: Econometrics (advanced level ), Quantitative Research Methods in Economics and Finance

    Scientific publications in journals (Q1 - Q3): Global Economy Journal, Resources Policy, Economics Bulletin.

    Phone: +7 (727) 377-20-96
    PhD, Associate Professor - Researcher
    Academic degrees: PhD in Knowledge Management. University of Malaya (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia); MSc in Human Resource Management. University of Leeds (UK).

    Research area: Knowledge Management, Human Resource Management, Organizational Behavior.

    Author's Courses: Research Methodology, Qualitative Data Analysis , Research methods in the social sciences.

    Scientific publications in journals (Q1 - Q3): Studies in Higher Education, Journal of Personnel Review, Journal of Workplace Learning.

    Phone: +7 (727) 377-20-96
    PhD, Associate Professor
    Academic degrees:
    MA in Management. Regent's University (UK).
    Ph. D. in Philosophy. Institute of Cultural Diplomacy (Germany).

    Fieldofstudy: Теория международных отношений, Внешняя политика стран Запада.

    Teaching courses: Introduction to International Relations, Research Methodology, Strategic Management.

    Phone: +7 (727) 377-12-71
    Ph.D., Associate Professor
    Scientific degrees:
    Candidate of Historical Sciences, Al-Farabi Kazakh National University

    Research area: Nation-building in Central Asia, Political processes in Kazakhstan, Research Methodology

    Author's courses: Research methods in the Ministry of Defense, Methods of scientific research

    Doctor, PhD, Associate Professor
    Academic degrees:
    Doctor of Philosophy in the field of Islamic Microfinance. University of Malaya (Malaysia).

    Research area: Microfinance, Islamic Microfinance, Micro-entrepreneurship, Social Business and Poverty Research.

    Author's courses: Management Economics, International Marketing, International Business, Research Methods, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Social Business and Islamic Finance.

    Email address:
Zaneta Simanaviciene, Lithuania
Doctor of Economics, Professor
Research areas: small and medium business, economics and national economy management

Lee Jung Wan, China
PhD in Marketing
Research areas: environmental studies, international economics

Jaroslav Kultan, Slovakia
PhD, Professor of Economics
Research areas: applied use of IT in the economic analysis of energy consumption, renewable energy sources, national economics

Mary Kinahan, Ireland
PhD in Organisational and Social Psychology
Research areas: business psychology, gender and social psychology

Alexander Tsyganov, Russia
Doctor of Economics, Professor
Research areas: management of insurance business, management and entrepreneurship in the social sphere.

Sedigheh Moghavvemi, Malaysia
PhD in Management Information System
Research areas: smart tourism, management information system

Tunc Medeni Durmus), Turkey
Research areas: E-government, knowledge management

Turalay Kench, Great Britain
PhD in Economics
Research areas: regulatory finance, international finance

Yulia Gradskova, Sweden
PhD in History
Research areas: gender economics, history of post-Soviet countries, world history

Sam Njinyah, Great Britain
PhD in Business Management
Research areas: government policy, enterpreneurship

Shakizada Niyazbekova, Russia
PhD, candidate of economic sciences
Research areas: international finance

Helen Dwyer, Sweden
Ph.D. in Special Education
Research areas: sociology, special education

Stefan Dyrka, Poland
Doctor of Economics, Professor
Research areas: organization management, business risk management

Aurora Trif, Ireland
PhD in Industrial Relations
Research areas: comparative employment relations in Europe, non-standard forms of work, international HRM

Christian Brauweiler, Germany
Doctor of Political Science, Professor
Scientific areas: financial management, risk management, university management

Irina Skorobogatykh, Russia
Doctor of Economics, Professor
Research areas: marketing research, cross-cultural marketing, marketing of luxury goods

Elena Ternovskaya, Russia
PhD in Economics, Professor
Research areas: banking, national economy
Serik Svyatov
Doctor of Economics, Professor
Research areas: corporate governance, monetary and budgetary policy

Aruzhan Seitkazieva
Doctor of Economics, Professor
Research areas: investment management, enterprise economics

Ainagul Adambekova
Doctor of Economics, Professor
Research areas: financial markets, banking, securities

Sholpan Smagulova
Doctor of Economics, Professor
Research areas: public administration, agro-industrial complex of Kazakhstan

Samazhan Umirzakov
Doctor of Economics, Professor
Research areas: strategic management, management in education

Adil Dzhunusov
Doctor of Political Science, Professor
Scientific areas: domestic policy of Kazakhstan

Murat Isabaev
PhD in Economics
Research areas: international trade, energy economics

Sanat Kozhakhmet
PhD in Knowledge Management
Research areas: Knowledge Management, Human Resource Management, Organizational Behavior

Rakhymzhan Elshibaev
PhD in Economics

Aliya Nurgalieva
PhD in Finance
Research areas: financial and management accounting, stock market, banking and insurance

Gulshat Bayzhaksynova
PhD in areas
Research interests: marketing, innovation management

Gulashar Doskeeva
Doctor of Economics, Professor
Research areas: problems of financing the social sphere of the economy of Kazakhstan

Esengali Oskenbaev
PhD in Economics
Research areas: world economy, development economics, stock markets
The university has two dissertation councils for the defense of doctoral dissertations, approved by the order of the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2019-2021:

Go to the dissertation councils page
Dissertation Council "Finance" in the areas of training: "Finance" "Accounting and Audit", "Business Administration".

Dissertation Council "Economics" in the areas of training: "Economics", "Management", "Marketing", "State and local government".

  • Composition of dissertation councils
Regulatory documents:
- Regulations on the Dissertation Council of Narxoz University
- Rules for awarding degrees, approved by order of the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 01.03.2011 No. 127 ( with changes and additions from 04/30/2020)
Doctoral students of Narxoz University are highly qualified competitive specialists who possess modern methods of theoretical and experimental scientific research, capable of generating their own scientific ideas and striving for the constant development of scientific thought.

Benefits of doctoral studies at Narxoz University

  • Training in an innovative educational environment
  • Qualitative composition of teaching staff
  • Scientific internship at a foreign university

  • Availability of all the necessary resources for teaching and research; first-class infrastructure

  • Availability of dissertation councils in the specialties "Finance", "Accounting and Auditing", "Economics", "Management", "Marketing", "State and local government"

  • Availability of a hostel for nonresident students
Admission questions
Contact information
Phone number: +7 701 111 11 78 (WhatsApp)
53a Zhandossov street, 10 microdistrict , Almaty, Kazakhstan 050035