Support Group for Special Needs Students
At Narxoz University we provide support for students with special needs and for students with specific learning disabilities
Our Goals:
  • To support and guide students with special needs during their transition from High School to University, to help them familiarise with the University environment

  • To respond to the needs of students with special needs
  • To create the conditions for maximum acceptance by the University facilities
  • To personalize contacts with students with special needs to monitor their study progress and collect requests, comments and suggestions
  • Guidance service at the end of the course to help students integrate into society and the world of work
  • Students with disability certificates can get:
    • a discount or no tuition fees;
    • a discount or no fee on the dormitory accommodation

In case of special needs during study period the following services are available to students:

  • Consultations with Office of Advisors on academic matters
  • Consultations within office hours with lecturers to catch up on the study topics
  • Consultation with psychologist on the matter of mental health and mental support
  • Consultation with International Office about academic mobility possibilities
  • Consultations with Career Center about career development and internship possibilities

University facilities for people with special needs
Our buildings are equipped with:
  • Lifts suitable for wheelchairs
  • Tactile paving inside and outside of the campus
  • Two campus map standings with Braille font
  • "Blue Badge" parking spots
  • Wheelchair ramps at the entrances of the university
  • Restroom for special needs people with an accessible toilet
  • Stairs are designed with yellow safety markings and tactile directions
  • On-campus accommodation

See the report on "Students with special needs satisfaction survey"

Our Core Team
People who will help you right away
  • Nazira Akatayeva
    studentlife@narxoz.kz; nazira.akatayeva@narxoz.kz
  • Arina Sokolova
    arina.sokolova@narxoz.kz; @narxoz_life

Useful Contacts