Educational and Methodical Council

Educational and Methodical Council (EMC) is a permanent collegial management body of the university's academic activities.
The main goal of the activity is to develop relevant solutions for the content, planning, organization and improvement of methodological support for the academic process of the university. The EMC coordinates the activities of educational and methodical commissions for enlarged groups of training areas and formulates a consolidated strategy and tactics for the educational and methodological development of the university.

EMC defines priority areas of educational and methodical work for achieving strategic indicators of university development, improving the efficiency and quality of education based on the effective organization of the academic process and its relevant and full-fledged methodological support through the development of integrative links in the system of continuing professional education.

EMC carries out its activities in cooperation with the Academic Council, the Rector's Office, the Deans, Councils of Faculties, Schools, Quality Commissions and Research and Educational Departments.

The EMC consists of: Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Members and Secretary. The membership is formed from the number of teaching staff and employees of the university and is approved by the Rector's Order.

The Chairman of the EMC
Umirzakov Samazhan Yntykbayevich
Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, Doctor of Economics, Professor,

+7 (727) 377 18 04
Deputy Chairman of the EMC
Dalke Natalya Valyerevna

Head of the Educational and Methodological Department

+7 (727) 377 12 77
Secretary of the EMC
Baymurzayeva Aitore Zhamalbekovna

Chief Administrator of the Educational and Methodological Department

+7 (727) 377 12 72
Social Affairs Manager