European and International Business Law

Double degree program


Narxoz Law and Public Policy is proud to offer students a dual degree program in European and International Business Law, developed jointly with Mykolas Romeris University, Lithuania - a leading research university in Europe!

The European and International Business Law course is designed to train specialists who are able to quickly respond to changes in the legal industry, taking into account the impact of globalization, innovation and modern technology. This practice-oriented program has a strict specialization in application of business law, developing international business contracts and developing analytical skills, which today is in high demand from leading companies in the legal services industry.

During your study, you will receive academic and professional training in matters relating to corporate law, finance, cross-border mergers and acquisitions, taxation, international trade, antitrust laws, intellectual property and the resolution of international disputes.

After the completion of the course graduates can

Work successfully in a multinational and dynamic business environments
Analyze and propose the best solutions for the tasks of the global and European business community on issues of business organization, features of legal regulation and procedures, dispute resolution, labor relations, business contracts.
Process and evaluate large amounts of data to provide legal advice based on knowledge and experience gained during the program.
Advise on issues related to the creation, management, operation and termination of activities of European and international companies, solve a wide range of legal problems, and reduce legal and economic risks for business.
Draft, analyze and evaluate professionally European and international business contracts.
Critically analyze, interpret, compare and evaluate legislation in the field of global and European business legal relations, make creative proposals for developing legislation to improve the business environment.

Core disciplines

European and International Corporate Law
This discipline focuses on harmonizing the European and international legal framework for the effective operation of business structures. Graduates gain an understanding of the differences and the foundations for the unification of various legal norms, legal risks, ways to reduce them and the characteristics of business functioning at the junction of European and international law.
International Tax Law
In classes on international tax law, students get acquainted with the main problems and mechanisms of legal regulation of tax relations when working in the global market, as well as systematically explore the basic concepts used in international tax law.

European and International Labor Law
The discipline provides a comprehensive picture of the system of international labor law, paying particular attention to the mutual influence of international public labor law and international private labor law on each other.
Compliance or risk management skills are now widely demanded among business structures operating under the intricacies of international and national law. As part of the discipline, students get acquainted with the theoretical and practical problems of compliance risk management, taking into account the latest legislation and international practice.
International Trade Law
The main objective of this discipline is to generalize knowledge and develop students' skills in working with the legal norms of the largest institutional structures - the WTO, the EU, the EAEU and others.
International Commercial Arbitration
The course on international commercial arbitration involves the study of a system of non-governmental institutions for the resolution of disputes between participants in international civil law relations, including both arbitration of individual countries and international structures. As part of the discipline, students learn practical skills in drafting arbitration agreements, participating in litigation, and also enforcing decisions of international arbitration.


Students will have the most unique opportunity to do a six-month internship in Europe financed by one of Mykolas Romeris University's ERASMUS+ grants.
Classes are conducted by professional lawyers from the business, banking and financial sectors of the economy.
Graduates receive broad theoretical knowledge and practice-oriented competencies in European and International Business Law, and immediately after graduation are ready to work in transnational corporations and government bodies.
The program is implemented jointly with the Mykolas Romeris Law School (Lithuania), one of the leading European law schools.
Contemporary teaching in-class technologies for each academic discipline are provided: role-playing and business games; brainstorming and design methods, work in small groups; solving situational problems, incidents; holding round tables, debates, discussions, etc.
Students complete their internships in transnational business structures and state corporations of the Republic of Kazakhstan, working in the field of international business, economics and finance.

International Cooperation

Mykolas Romeris University is the leading university of social sciences and interdisciplinary research in Lithuania. Currently, there are 7,500 students enrolled at the university, including 600 foreign students, and over 400 faculty. The university offers undergraduate, graduate and doctoral study programs, of which more than 80% are internationally accredited. The dual degree program is being implemented jointly with Mykolas Romeris Law School, which is included in the top 300 world law schools of the QS rating.

Career & Job

As law evolves into a global multidisciplinary industry, traditional legal practice is shrinking. This is a harsh reality that will face all those who decide who devote their lives to law and justice.
The European and International Business Law program is designed to equip future lawyers with knowledge, skills and tools for successful work in the new world of law, where the requirements of employers are often ahead of the theoretical calculations of professional lawyers and researchers. After receiving a Master's degree in European and International Business Law, graduates will be fully prepared to put their best competencies into practice, especially in the field of complex international transactions.

The acquired knowledge and skills are widely in demand among the legal departments of transnational corporations, international organizations, NGOs and financial institutions. We are confident that post the completion of this dual degree program, you will have what it takes to be recruited by organizations from different parts of the world!
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