Dear student, on this page we have collected all the information for starting an active student life.

We advise you to read everything carefully, and, if necessary, complete each item. Good luck!

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Corporate mail

A student's corporate mail is a student's email, thanks to which all internal and external communications of the university are supported

Be sure to use the mail, the most relevant information comes to it every day:

  • Rector's addresses;
  • Upcoming events;
  • Trainings;
  • Notifications;
  • News.
To activate corporate mail, you need to take the following steps:

Step 1 - go to the gmail.com website;

Step 2 - achieving your username and password, which will come to you after sending SMS;

Step 3 - change the password to increase security.

SMS with username and password will be sent to all students before September 1 !!!

Office Registrar

This is a division of the university aimed at helping students with:

- provision of transcripts,

- certificates confirming training,

- travel and campus cards,

- any changes in personal and contact information, changes in training,

- accommodation in a hostel,

- registration for disciplines,

- summer semester,

- academic mobility,

- tuition fees, discounts, benefits,

- appeals to the university administration

Narxoz Mobile

Narxoz Mobile is a mobile application for Narxoz University students, where you will find:

  • timetable;
  • assessments;
  • important numbers;
  • financial indicators;
  • news.

Social networks

@narxozkz is the official instagram account of Narxoz University, which publishes all relevant information about the life of the university.

@narxoz_life - a page dedicated to student life. By the way, it is from this page that the orientation week for our freshmen will be broadcast.

@narxoz_admission is an instagram page that helps applicants find out more information on admission to Narxoz University.