Psychological counseling

Psychological Counseling

  • The educational program "Psychological counseling" with the specialization "Psychology of professional activity" trains leading specialists who apply modern methods of psychological diagnosis, correction and have deep knowledge of classical and modern psychology. Labor market specialists underline a great demand for specialists in the field of psychology with a wide variety of specializations from business psychology to family psychology. The result of studying under the "Psychology" program at Narxoz University will be preparation of in-demand specialists of organizational psychology, competitive in employment, admission and mobility to local universities and universities of the near and far abroad.

Course overview
  • Methods of preparation of social projects and sociological research
  • Modern sociological theories
  • History of sociology
  • Personality psychology
  • Methodology of sociological research
  • Macro and microsociology
  • Quantitative data analysis in sociology
  • Urban research
  • Socio-economic statistics and mathematical methods
  • Gender sociology
What career opportunities will I get after completing this program?
Academic perspectives:
  • Continuation of Master's degree in Psychology, Social Work, Economics, Public Administration, etc.

Professional opportunities:

  • Work in state social protection and management bodies;
  • In branches of international organizations USAID, UNICEF, UN;
  • In schools, colleges;
  • In local NGOs;
  • In commercial organizations, in the HR department;
  • In the private sector providing psychological services.