• The educational program "Sociology" with specializations "Sociology of the city" and "Sociology of digital technologies" is aimed at training specialists in the field of sociology of urban studies and digital sociology. Current courses of the program, specialists with extensive experience in conducting practical sociological research and mandatory involvement of students in urban, republican projects, opportunities to improve English to a professional level - there are the main differences and advantages of this specialty within the walls of Narxoz University.

    The flexibility of the program and the focus on the development of skills in conducting applied sociological research will allow graduates not to be limited in their professional development. Graduates of the program can successfully organize and carry out marketing and political applied research.

Course overview
  • History of sociology
  • Personality psychology
  • Methodology of sociological research
  • Macro and microsociology
  • Quantitative data analysis in sociology
  • Urban research
  • Socio-economic statistics and mathematical methods
  • Gender sociology
What career opportunities will I get after completing this program?

Academic perspectives:

Continuation of master's degree studies in Kazakhstan and abroad in the specialties of Sociology, Public Administration, Psychology of the Ministry of Defense, etc.

Professional opportunities:

  • Work as a sociologist-analyst in government agencies;
  • In sociological and marketing organizations;
  • In local NGOs and international organizations;
  • In the educational sphere.