• About the program

    The educational program «Economics» prepares economists-analysts with analytical creative thinking to work at all levels of the national economy. They will be able to carry out economic analysis, plan and forecast the economic processes of various economic entities of the market, develop a strategy for their development, carry out economic justification of investment and innovation projects, manage business processes, organize their own business and engage in entrepreneurial activity.


Ratings and accreditations

The program is accredited by CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants). The program has passed specialized accreditation by IАAR (INDEPENDENT AGENCY FOR ACCREDITATION AND RATING) and is certified by ACCA. According to the results of 2021, the educational program "Еconomics" of Narхoz University took the 4th place in the rating of «Atameken» out of 53 universities declared in the rating.

A graduate of the "Economics" Program will receive the following professional skills and


- able to conduct an economic analysis of the company's activities, prepare calculations on material, labor, financial costs;

- able to form the company's budget, keep records and monitor budget execution, as well as regular budget analysis;

- able to manage the planning process in the company;

- able to study and forecast the market, to identify effective markets for sales;

- able to calculate the economic efficiency of production, new technology and innovations;

- able to develop measures to minimize expenses, increase the profitability of production, competitiveness of products, labor efficiency, reduce production costs, sales of products;

- able to substantiate trends in the development of enterprises, industry markets and regions, predict their activities for the future using economic and mathematical methods, statistical methods and information technologies.

The uniqueness of the profession of an economist allows you to find a job in any field of economics:

in industry;

in construction;

in agriculture;

in the transport;

in the banking sector;

in public administration;

in the educational sector.

The main disciplines of the school:

Managerial economics

Business Ethics

Introduction to Financial Accounting

Accounting for decision-making

Fundamentals of management

Basics of Marketing

Fundamentals of Finance

Strategic management

Organizational behavior

Corporate Business Law

The main disciplines of the specialty:



The economy of the enterprise

Economic analysis

Labor market economics

Elective disciplines:

Economics of industrial markets

Economics of regional development

Economics of sustainable development

Economic analysis of social problems

Economics of technology and innovation

Analysis of investment projects

Cost management

Internship and graduation project

Third and fourth year students will be able to apply their knowledge in practice in various companies, as well as in a diploma project, in one of the next three directions:

1. Industrial profile project for local startups or companies

2. Research project led by professors of Narxoz University

3. Work on solving a case or a creative startup