B.A. Specialization in HR and Business Planning


  • This program is for those who can think critically and have a logical mindset, who is able to consider problems from a broad perspective. Our program trains unique specialists who are not only in demand on the market, but also possess interdisciplinary skills. Our students have a unique opportunity to understand basics of human resource management, and also to gain knowledge on how to optimally and efficiently build business processes. You will get the opportunity to get access to the latest developments in forecasting and process engineering and solve real business cases and problems. Moreover, our program will allow you to obtain the necessary knowledge to participate in international competitions, undergo practical training in major companies, and participate in seminars of the best specialists in the country.
Ratings and accreditations
  • IAAR – Independent Accreditation and Rating Agency, Kazakhstan
Upon the graduation you can start your career in:
  • in HR agencies
  • in recruiting companies
  • in consulting
  • in investment banking
  • in outsourcing agencies, insurance services and brokerage companies
  • in the industrial area

Curriculum information

The main courses of the school

  • Informational-communicational technologies
  • Introduction to Economics
  • Academic research
  • Statistics
  • Business ethics
  • Managerial Economics
  • Accounting for Decision Making
  • Principles of Management
  • Principles of Marketing
  • Calculus for Economics and Business
  • Principles of Finance
  • Quantitative Methods for Business
The main courses of the specialty

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Organizational Behaviour
  • Human resourse management
  • Corporate business law
  • Project management
  • Strategic management
  • Change Management
  • Business Planning
  • Crisis management
  • Organization and rationing of labor
  • Compensation management
Elective specialty courses

  • Operational Management
  • Futures Studies and Foresight
  • HR marketing
  • Brand Management
  • Talent Development and Management
  • Innovative technologies in HR
  • Labor law
  • Career Management
Internship and Diploma project

Students at their third and fourth year can use the acquired knowledge and skills in practice by doing internships in various companies and in the final Diploma project, following directions:
  • research project
  • industrial-profile project
  • interdisciplinary project
  • Case Competition or creative Start-Up project