Functions of the Academic Council
Composition of the Academic council
  • Considers the most important issues of academics, research and the functionings of the school's departments;
  • Approves the strategic development plan and work plan of the research and administrative divisions of the school for the academic year, and analyses its implementation;
  • Considers proposals for creating new specialties (directions) for training specialists, specializations, examines projects of foundational educational programs, decides regarding their approval, continuous implementation of basic educational programs, implementation of adjustments to working curricula;
  • Recommends a candidate for the election to the position of heads of departments of the School, conducts competitive selection for filling the positions of lecturers and researchers, recommending them for assigning academic titles;
  • Considers the results of intermediate and final state attestation of students, accepting recommendations for improving the quality of the educational process;
  • Approves the themes for final qualification works, programs of state examinations, analyzes of the reports of chairmen of state certification commissions, approving a plan of corrective and preventive measures to eliminate deficiencies noted in reports of chairmen of state certification commissions;
  • recommends the admissions to doctoral studies;
  • other issues.
Chairman of the Council - Dr. Stanislav Buyanskiy, PhD
Deputy Chairman - Dr. Medeu Kurmangali, PhD
Executive Secretary - Maira Doszhanova

Board members:
Deputy Dean for Academic Development - Dr. SerikUteuliyev, Ph.D
Chair of the Department of Law - open position
Chair of the Department of Public Administration - Yana Yeraliyeva, PhD
Student Council Chairman - ZhandarbekAlimbaev- selection in process
Chairman of the Student Research Society - Anel Khamit- selection in process