Goals and objectives

You are welcomed by the Student Council of the Narxoz University School of law and public policy. Our main goal is to be a bridge between students and the Administration of our School, as well as to create favorable conditions for student life. This approach to students allows us to grow and develop. We are glad to see you on our website. Here you will learn all about us.

About us

Our student management body was founded in 2019, on the initiative of Stanislav Buyansky, Dean of the School of law and public policy. Since its Foundation, the "Student Council" has been actively working, which shows its results. It is the desire for the best that allows us to develop comprehensively. "Making mistakes today-WE leave the fruits for tomorrow's generation»

Work plan of the student Council of the school for the academic year 2020 – 2021

We want student life to be exciting, interesting and lively. To do this, we have organized an event plan for our students.
1. Student day/ 25-30 of November
2. New year/28-29 of December
3. Valentine's Day/14 of February
4. International women's day/ 8 of March
5. Nauryz/ 25-30 of March
6. Disco in the style of the 80's / early April
7. Charity concert/ 25-30 of April
8. American picnic-BBQ/ 5 of May
9. The week of workshops/ 6-11 of May
10. Team-building/ the end of the academic year

Student Council management

Moldaliev Dias
President of the Student Council
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ул. Саина, 81, Алматы, Казахстан
+7 707 685 3880