Potential applicants can apply for the state grant.

The total amount of stored data in the world has increased dramatically in recent years. There is a need for specialists who can turn these large repositories into “information assets” of enterprises - that is, into something that can be used for profit.This is the heart of the concept of big

The program provides training in the field of modern methods of extracting knowledge from data, mathematical methods of modeling and forecasting, modern software systems and programming methods for data analysis. 

Key disciplines:
  • Programming in R; 
  • Programming on   PL / SQL; 
  • Business process modeling; 
  • Data management;
  • Data visualization; 
  • Machine learning; 
  • Advanced algorithms and Oracle based web application development.
Where can I work?
Potential employers of graduates of the program are large companies and organizations that own large datasets in need of management, analysis and programming to improve buisiness processes and develop new products. (including), as well as IT-companies, third party external data centers, financial institutions, retailers, health service providers and all public sector bodies and research organizations in positions such as:

  • Developer and big data analyst in IT departments across the public and private sectors;
  • Database development and maintenance specialist;
  • Specialist for monitoring big data in consulting companies;
  • Software developer;
  • Oracle Database Developer ;
  • Oracle Database Administrator in large companies;
  • Specialist analyst in research organizations.

There is an acute shortage of such specialists in Kazakhstan. The education received under this program is also internationally relevant and will allow graduates to work abroad.

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