Software Engineering

Potential applicants can apply for the state grant.


The goal of the program is to prepare technical specialists, qualified developers, software architects and software development and quality managers.

The need for such specialists is dictated by the ever-growing needs of the information and communications industry, the rapid development of the offshore and customized programming market, the informatization of government structures, and the needs of private business.

The result of training in this area is a fundamental technical education based on in-depth study of computer science, mathematics and the basics of programming and databases. Our approach is to apply theory and principles to the actual practice of creating software demanded by employers to improve their business processes.

Key disciplines:
  • The art of programming; 
  • Design and administration of computer networks ( Cisco );
  • Designing operating systems; 
  • Design and 3D modeling; 
  • Modellingof business processes; 
  • Management and administration of ERP systems ( SAP ); 
  • Internet application development
  • 1C: Programming.
Where can I work?
Graduates of the program work in leading Kazakhstani and foreign software companies; in research centers; IT departments of major Kazakhstani companies and government agencies in positions such as:
  • Software engineer;
  • Specialist in the development of software and information systems;software testing specialist;
  • Software Project Management Specialist;
  • Software development and maintenance specialist;
  • ERP developer in any large companies;
  • IT project manager in project banks;
  • IT project manager in any company for the implementation, maintenance, development of information systems.   
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