Potential applicants can apply for the state grant.

This program develops fundamental statistical analysis skills in our students. The program has two tracks focused on potential employment tracks in the state and private sector.

State Statistics

  • This program is intended for students who are interested in the methodology of statistical accounting and analysis in government bodies. A statistician is engaged not only in collecting and processing data from such areas as insurance, demography, social work, quality management, pharmaceutical research and market research, but also statistical analysis and modeling of economic processes. They use models and data analysis methods as a key input to government management and policy making
Where can I work with this program?
Graduates of this program are qualified for positions that allow them to work as analysts in various types of activity in state and departmental statistics bodies, statistical services, local government bodies, scientific organizations, and various sociological services.

Graduates are able to contribute to the understanding of socio-economic, political phenomena and processes at the level of enterprises and the country as a whole and participate in the development and control of statistical reporting (public and institutional) for analytical work. In addition, they will be well qualified to work in research analytics across the economy.

Business - statistics

  • A degree in statistics opens doors for graduates to work across the private sector - for example in banks, insurance and investment companies and retail.  Analytical divisions are increasingly important for companies in all sectors since for successful business development it is necessary to know not only the indicators of the development of one’s own company, but also the state of the market and to take into account regional, national and global external factors.

    This program involves the development of skills to apply statistical methods of data analysis in the real economy. Graduate will have the ability to apply a wide range of tools for mathematical modeling and forecasting of the most important indicators of market conditions and business development using Excel , R , Gretl , SAS.
Where can I work with this program?
Graduates of this program can work as statistical analysts, sales analysts and business process analysts in the statistical services of large companies and organizations. They will be able to analyze, evaluate and interpret the results of statistical studies, collect and analyze information about the market, customers and sales using specialized application packages.