Data Science

Educational program: «Data Science»

Type of master's degree: professional master's degree

Duration of study: 1.5 years

The Master's program "Data Science" is aimed at training specialists capable of processing large datasets, developing and implementing innovative and creative solutions in the field of analytics and implementing and testing models using modern software tools. The program includes the study of classical approaches to mathematical statistics and basic tools of artificial intelligence, including methods of expert systems and machine learning. Graduates of the program will have analytical, research, methodological and technological competences in new fields of science, technology and economics which will allow them to contribute to the development of the new economy.
Program Advantages
  1. A focus on data of complex structure, unstructured data and data in natural languages, which requires the use of artificial intelligence techniques (e.g. ontologies, social networks).
  2. A wide range of application areas (from Internet search to medical informatics).
  3. In-depth study of basic models which provide a systemic view of the development of data sciences.
  4. Combination of learning paths for "analysts" (creators of mathematical models and methods) and "developers" (creators of intelligent systems).
  5. Concentration on mathematical bases, methodology, methods and algorithms of data analysis and processing of big data;
Key disciplines
  • Multivariate statistical analysis
  • Programming (Python, SAS, R)
  • Hadoop: System for large data processing
  • Internet Data Analysis
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Basics of Apache Spark
  • Applied aspects of machine learning
  • Neural network application
  • Development and implementation of large data systems
  • Blockchain technology

Career opportunities
  • Analyst in large scientific, research and consulting projects;
  • Machine Learning specialist;
  • Data Analysis Specialist;
  • Analyst in large areas of industry, retail, logistics companies
  • Business Analyst
  • Analyst in banking, telecommunications, and the public sector.

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