Narxoz University, Almaty, Kazakhstan, 2021
April 15-19, 2021
Ryskulov Conference 2021
Narxoz University is inviting you to the Ryskulov research conference dedicated to the theme of Shaping the Future of Education in social sciences. The 2021 conference will be organized virtually on Zoom platform.

Our key goal is to unite researchers and practitioners from across the globe and promote fruitful discussions with the aim of finding sustainable solutions for theoretical and practical issues in social sciences.

Zoom link is here.

15 of April 2021

16 of April 2021

19 of April 2021

09:00 – 12:00
Plenary session:
Shaping the future of education in social sciences
12:00 – 14:00
Professional competence development program in business and management: expanding opportunities
Panel session:
Global trends: 17 sustainable development goals
Plenary session with the Department of Finance and Prices of the G.V. Plekhanov Russian University of Economics
The landscape of the modern economy: development problems and the search for solutions
10:00 – 12:00
Economic development of Kazakhstan and social issues during the pandemiс period
12:00 – 14:00
Panel session:
Existing challenges in law and legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan and CIS-countries
Panel session:
Modernization of public consciousness as a condition for the development of Kazakhstan's society
Narxoz Public Administration international seminar:
Development of public administration training systems in Eastern Europe and Central Asia
10:00 – 11:00
Narxoz Research Department - workshop:
Predatory journals in Scopus: everything you're afraid to ask
11:00 – 12:30
Eurasian Center for Economic and Legal Research - roundtable
Integration of tools for protection of children`s rights in education in Central Asia
Gender economic research center - workshop:
Presentation of research from Gender Economic Research Center 
Narxoz-Financial University roundtable:
The changing world: pandemic, digital economy and technologies
Open webinar
Coping with Favoritism in Recruitment and Selection: A Communal Perspective
Stanislav Buyanskiy

PhD, acting rector at Narxoz Unviersity

Loretta O`Donnell
PhD, vice-provost for academic affairs, Nazarbayev University
Dana Minbaeva 

Professor of Strategic and Global Human Resource Management at the Department of Strategy and Innovation, and the Vice-President for International Affairs at Copenhagen Business School.

Georgii Kleiner

Corresponding Member, Deputy Director of the Central Economics and Mathematics Institute (CEMI) of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Zhaksylyk Sabitov
PhD, associate professor L.N. Gumolyov Eurasian National Unviersity
Abraham Altonayan
PhD, Professor Brunel University (UK)
Samek Vlastimil
DPI Representative, UN
Serikzhan Bereshev
Director, Kazakhstan National Research Institute of Labor
Anna Alexandrova
PhD, professor, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia
Ainagul Adambekova
Professor, director of finance department, Narxoz University
Aigerim Raimzhanova
PhD, deputy vice-rector for academic affairs, Narxoz University
Andrei Shenin
Head of the Research Department, Narxoz Unviersity
Ewan Simpson
PhD, Dean, School of Digital Technologies, Narxoz Unviersity
Tima Moldogaziev

PhD, Associate Professor of Public Policy, Director of Global Partnerships

PennState (USA)

Sneha Vemula
Associate member ACMA CGMA from CIMA(UK) & AICPA
Altyn Shakirkhanova
Head of the ACCA branch in the Republic of Kazakhstan
Mieke Meurs
PhD, Professor, Co-Director of Gender Analysis in Economics Program, American University, Washington DC
Maigul Nugmanova
PhD, Gender Economics Research Center, Narxoz University
Yevgeniya Rossova
President of the Kazakhstan Chapter of The Institute of Internal Auditors, CIA, CRMA
Kayrat Moldashev
Researcher, Narxoz University
Laura Baytenova
PhD, director of the Digital Engineering and data analysis department
Khalida Azhigulova
PhD, human rights researcher and advocate, coordinator of the Street Law Kazakhstan project on human rights and protection from bullying and cyberbullying
Svetlana Khadziradayeva
Doctor of Sciences, Professor, Head of the Center for Evaluation of Public Service Candidates (Ukraine)
Saltanat Janenova
PhD, Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Public Policy, Nazarbayev University
Aizhan Kadraliyeva
Human Rights Education Consultant in Central Asia, Amnesty International
Fariza Ergasheva
PhD, Associate Professor of the Department of Human Resource Management, Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Tajikistan
Sholpan Smagulova
Professor, Public Administration Program, Narxoz University
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Phil Enns
PhD, vice dean of academic affairs, School of Sciences and Humanities, Nazarbayev University
Barbara Janusz-Pavletta
Vice-Rector for International Relations, Kazakh-German University
Dorothea Jacqueline (Dorien) DeTomb 
professor, Utrecht University and Delft University of Technology, known for her contributions in the field of methodology for societal complexity
Aurelia Tepordei
Director of Professional Development Department, Academy of Public Administration (Republic of Moldova)
Saule Zeynolla
PhD, Associate Professor of the branch of the State Administration Academy under the President of Kazakhstan in Almaty
Kulzada Abenova

PhD, Associate Professor, Narxoz University

Zhanna Kenzhalina
Professor, Narxoz University
Aruzhan Seitkazieva
Doctor of Economic Sciences, Director of the Social Science department, Narxoz University
Aliya Sembayeva
Founder and President of the Kazakhstan’s PhD Association in the UK
Mara Gubaidullina
Professor, Director of the Centre for German Studies, Al-farabi Kazakh National University
Dilmina Kuatova

Professor, Narxoz Unviersity

Tursyngul Gumarova

PhD, Head of Ecology program, Narxoz University

Svetlana Shchepetova

PhD, Associate Professor, Center of Systemic Research (Russia)

Igor Gundarov
Professor, Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University

Asem Kaydarova
Deputy Chairman of the Board of NJSC "Kazakhstan Institute of Social Development" Ruhani Zhagyru"
Marina Kalashnikova

Dean, Liberal Arts College, RANEPA (Russia)

Georgiy Kan

Professor, Narxoz University

Roza Turyszhanova
Professor, Narxoz Unviersity
Anjan Ghosh
PhD, director of the Silk Road Case Center, Narxoz University
Kalmurat Sybanbayev

Associate Professor, Narxoz University

Saikal Zhunushova

PhD, Associate Professor of the Department of Sociology and Social Work of the J. Balasagun Kyrgyz State University

Olena Bondarenko
Deputy director of Eurasian Center for Economic and Legal Research, Narxoz University
Lyazzat Baymagambetova
Professor, Narxoz University
Alfiya Bakhtiyarova

Senior Lecturer, Narxoz University

Arkady Soloviev
Doctor of Economics, Honored Economist of Russia, prof. Department of Public Finance of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation
Elena Repman

President, international association "Ricersa senza frontiere", Guglielmo Marconi University

Elvira Buitek

Senior Lecturer, Narxoz University

Alma Zhakupova

Senior Lecturer, Narxoz University

Aida Umyrzakova

Senior Lecturer, Narxoz University

Erzhan Raushanov

Senior Lecturer, Narxoz University

Mafura Uandykova
PhD, professor, Digital Engineering and data analysis department, Narxoz University
As a prominent representative of the Kazakh intelligentsia of the first half of the twentieth century, he made a significant contribution to the economic development of the Central Asian republics including Kazakhstan. His efforts played a crucial role in the initiation and implementation of such major projects as the construction of the Turkestan-Siberian Railway, the coal mining and metallurgical complexes of Karaganda, the non-ferrous metallurgy of Eastern and Southern Kazakhstan, as well as the oil and gas industry of Western Kazakhstan.

By the decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2000 Narxoz University (then the Kazakh State Academy of Management) was named after Turar Ryskulov. After a series of transformations and a rebranding project in 2016 the university has acquired its modern name. Yet, the monument standing in front of the main building and annual conferences remain an important reminder and the recognition of the contribution of the outstanding Kazakh figure Turar Ryskulov to the economic development of the country.
Narxoz University annually organizes Ryskulov research conferences in the memory of a famous Kazakhstani public figure and diplomat- Turar Ryskulov.
Turar Ryskulov
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