Aims and Objectives

Support for the development of legal culture in Kazakhstan and Central Asia
  • development and promotion of legal education tools

  • raising public awareness through dissemination of research outcomes

  • initiating discussion and seeking solutions to issues in the field of legal culture and awareness in Kazakhstan and Central Asia
Development of legislation and practice
  • Research of practices in the field of legal and economic policy in Kazakhstan and abroad

  • Development of mechanisms for elaboration and promotion of recommendations on improving legislation and law enforcement practice

  • Building capacity of state institutions, civil society, business community and other stakeholders in the field of the rule of law and implementation of best international practices
Supporting research in the field of economic and legal policy at Narxoz University
  • Engaging faculty and students in research and analytical work of the Center

  • Application of outcomes of the Center's activities in the educational process

  • Facilitating the integration of Narxoz University into the international academic and expert community