• Dr. Maigul Nugmanova
    Head of Center, PhD in Economics

    She is the head of the Center for Gender Economics Research at Narxoz University. She is engaged in research on gender economics, food security and the quality of higher education. Maygul is a Fulbright Scholar, she was a visiting researcher at the Center for Gender Analysis in Economics (American University, Washington, DC). She is a member of the Central Eurasian Research Community. Maygul Nugmanova was the head of the international offices of the Kazakh Abylai Khan University, National Agrarian University and Academy of Public Administration; Country Coordinator of EU Erasmus+projects; Director of the Soros Foundation Educational Center in Astana; Coordinator of the FAO Extension in Agriculture project in Kazakhstan. Maygul Nugmanova was a UNDP national expert on the gender mainstreaming project; a national consultant/researcher for Kazakhstan on human trafficking in Central Asia with the IOM TCC in Austria and a FIBAA expert of the European Accreditation Agency.

    She is a graduate of the GEM-IWG program. She is an academic editor at IntechOpen of the books "Human Rights - the Embodiment of Human Equality" and "Central Asia: Towards Sustainable Development".

  • Sarieva Shynar
    Assistant of the Gender Economics Research Center

    Graduated from the University of International Business (UIB) with a degree in Journalism and PR. Completed additional training at the international summer school "Media and PR-communications: sustainable development strategy". She has experience as a journalist, coordinator and SMM specialist. During her student years at the admission committee, UIB advised applicants and their parents. She

    completed an internship at the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan as a journalist. She was a volunteer of the XIII international PR-Forum, the Marcon 2017 content marketing conference, the 10th Anniversary Media Kurultai conference and the Gakku TV festival Gakku Dausy.

Research fellows in 2020-2021
  • Almira Tabaeva, M.A.

    Research topic: "The challenges of doctoral student mothers: A case study of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan with implications for policy change"

    Almira Tabayeva is a first-year PhD student in the Graduate School of Education at Nazarbayev University in partnership with the Universities of Cambridge and Pennsylvania. She is currently working on the Central Asian Research Ethics project and is a member of the Consortium of Gender Scholars at Nazarbayev

    University. Almira's research interests include gender studies and equity in education, ethical principles in research in the context of Central Asia.

  • Alisher Tleubaev, Master of Science

    Research topic: "Short and medium-term impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the work outcomes of men and women: Empirical evidence from Central Asia"

  • Akbota Saduakasova, Master of Social Sciences
    Research topic: "Gender and self-employment in Kazakhstan: women making choices"
Research fellows in 2019-2020
    Research topic: Gender differences in the life expectancy of the population of Kazakhstan (1981-2017)

    A second-year postgraduate student of the Kazakh National Medical University (KazNMU) in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Her specialty is obstetrics and gynecology. She received a Master's degree in Public Health from LSHTM (2015-2016). Her master's thesis is entitled "Changes in life expectancy in Central Asian countries in 1998 - 2012/13: Analysis of mortality data using the Arriaga decomposition method by age and cause of death". She is currently working on a PhD in public health, and her project is called "Methodological approaches to understanding regional differences in life expectancy of the population of the Republic of Kazakhstan". Akbope's continuing education was supported by grants from the Government of Kazakhstan ("Bolashak Program" for 2014-2016) and the Open Medical Institute for participation in the Salzburg Medical Seminars (2017, 2018 and 2019). More recently, her interest in gender differences in mortality in Kazakhstan led to participation in a scholarship program at the Center for Gender Economics Research at Narxoz University.

    Research topic: Men and women in domestic work: an economic rationality of replacing household labor with market equivalents when a certain level of household welfare is reached

    Aizhan Salimzhanova is a PhD doctoral student at Istanbul Technical University with a degree in Economics. Aizhan's research interests include gender studies, green economy and waste management. She worked as the director of the Research Institute of Social and Gender Studies at the Kazakh State Women's Pedagogical University, and continues to cooperate with the Institute as an affiliated researcher.

    Aizhan's work was related to the promotion, coordination and initiation of social and gender studies and academic programs. Working together with the UNDP Regional center in Istanbul and the UNDP country office in Kazakhstan, Aizhan participated in a study on unpaid domestic work of women in Kazakhstan and worked on gender equality issues in Central Asia, the CIS and the Balkan countries. She has international work experience and has undergone internships in Turkey and France. Currently, Aizhan works as an economist, continues to promote gender equality issues in Kazakhstan and is working on her dissertation on green economy.
    Research topic: Human Resource Management and Gender Pay Gap: Evidence from Kazakhstan

    Amina Hasanova has been a member of the Business School team at Suleiman Demirel University in Kazakhstan since 2015 She is currently a PhD candidate and at the same time a member of the HR Research Institute at Narxoz University. She is the recipient of several scholarships, such as Erasmus+and Taiburil. Research interests: social insurance and personnel management. She has several publications, such as: "Analysis of the labor market and unemployment insurance on the example of the Republic of Kazakhstan", (International Journal of Engineering and Management Research), "Management of social risks in the labor market during the formation of the economy" (monograph). In addition, she received the "Best Manuscript" award from the SIJ Transactions for Industry, Finance and

    Business Management (IFBM).

    Research topic: Modernisation of the mechanism of state regulation of women's employment in the STEM fields of Kazakhstan

    Aigerim Kusayinkyzy is a second-year postgraduate student at Narxoz University.Her doctoral

    dissertation explores the relationship between children's experiences related to children's science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), their STEM personality (that is, the vision of themselves as a person in STEM) and their career intentions at college/university. She uses an interdisciplinary approach that covers the fields of media, art history, gender, visual culture, critical race, and postcolonial theories. She holds an LLM degree in International Business Law from the University of Montreal, Canada, and a Bachelor's degree in Customs. Aigerim worked as a senior lecturer at Narxoz and UIB.

    Research topic: «Гендерное бюджетирование в Казахстане: процессы, механизмы реализации и перспективы»
    Makpal Bekturganova was born on August 13, 1991 in the city of Aktau. In 2013 Makpal graduated from the Kazakh-British Technical University with an academic degree of Bachelor of Economics and Business. In 2013, she started an MBA at the JSC "Kazakh-British Technical University", "General Management" specialty. In 2015, Makpal graduated with honors from the profile master's degree in "Management", having the cycle of disciplines of pedagogical profile from the Kazakh National University Al-Farabi. In 2016, Makpal entered the PhD program under the joint program of KazNU Al-Farabi and the Institute of Economics of the Ministry of Education and Science of The Republic of Kazakhstan on the specialty "Economy". She completed the research internship 3 months at the DIW Econ (Germany, Berlin) working with leading scientists in the field of low carbon development. From the beginning of study at PhD, she participated in more than 30 scientific and practical conferences. She published more than 11 scientific articles. Her research interests include 3 main directions: low-carbon development, gender economy, and ICT (Information and Communication Technologies).
Research fellows in 2018-2019
  • Anuar Assamidanov
    Research topic: "The Impact of Grandparental Childcare on Mother's Labor Force Participation"
    Master of Public Policy, Nazarbayev University, Lecturer at Suleyman Demirel University. 

  • Gaukhar Kenzhegulova
    Research topic: "Gender Statistics: Gender Imbalance in Higher Education"
    Graduate student at Narxoz University
  • Anel Kireyeva, Ph.D. (Econ.),
    Research topic: "Gender pay gap"

    Leading researcher at the Institute of Economics, Committee of Science, Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

  • Zaira Satpayeva, Ph.D.,
    Research topic: "Women's entrepreneurship in Kazakhstan: current state and prospects"

    Senior Researcher, Institute of Economics, Committee of Science, Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan.