Brendan is the founding Director of the Sustainable Kazakhstan Research Institute (SKRI) and Associated Professor on Sustainable Development at Narxoz University. Brendan has been working globally for over a decade on solutions driven sustainability programs and research. Over the course of his career, he has been known as a sustainability leader with the ability to integrate its diverse aspects to drive solutions by connecting and leading teamwork across-sectors. His greatest success was leading the five year Framework Program "Education for Sustainable Development in the Western Balkans: Education for Sustainable Futures (2012-2017)".

    Through his leadership the Program was instrumental in integrating sustainable development concepts and ideas into the broader educational reforms that are currently underway in the region as part of the global shift to the outcome based learning approach to education in the countries of Serbia, Montenegro and Kosovo. This success was selected as a best practice for the UNECE evaluation report "Ten Years of the UNECE Strategy on ESD (2005-2015)". He was also a TEDx speaker where he shared his views on how educational reforms can be used as a tool for sustainable development. Brendan holds a PhD in Environmental Sciences and Policy from Central European University. His academic interests include: Sustainable Development Goals, environmental and public policy, implementation, multi-level governance, educational reforms through ESD and transformational change management. He has taught classes on sustainable development, global environmental governance, environmental policy implementation, and the Sustainable Development Goals. He has multiple publications, including in internationally recognized peer reviewed journals.
    Dr. Simpson is a native of Scotland and became the Dean of the School of Economics and Social Sciences at Narxoz University in Almaty, Kazakhstan in August 2018.
    Dr. Anjan Ghosh, PhD ( Strategic Management, IIM Calcutta) is driven by discovery and instrumentalist research- research that is useful for practice. His research, teaching and consulting interests situate at the intersection of strategy, entrepreneurship, organizational change and inclusive development
    Dr. Gumarova is the Director of the Educational Program "Ecology". Her teaching disciplines are: Ecology and Sustainable Development, Integrated Water Resources Management, Alternative Energy Sources and the Green Economy. She has published ten articles on sustainable development.
    Dmitriy Kim is a mathematician, specialist in Probability and Statistics. He graduated from Kazakh National university and Novosibirsk state university and was a visiting researcher at several European institutes and universities. His scientific background includes statistical modelling complex stochastic models.
    Rasima is a candidate of economic sciences, associate professor of the educational program «Ecology». She has been conducting pedagogical work at the Narxoz University for 14 years, during the scientific and pedagogical activity 42 scientific papers on socio-environmental and economic problems and a textbook entitled «Social Ecology and Sustainable Development».
    Nurlan is an associate professor in the School of Society, Technology and the Environment at Narxoz University. He has a deep understanding of international relations, higher education and foreign policy. He has worked as a diplomat in the Kazakhstan Embassies in Moscow (Russia), Islamabad (Pakistan) and Ashgabat (Turkmenistan).
    Ms. Almira Daulbaeva, PhD, Assistant Professor of "Ecology" Educational Program at Narxoz University. She has been involved in research work related to issues of air pollution and participated in research projects on this topic for several years. Over the period of her scientific and pedagogical activity,
  • Hamed Sharifi

    A senior researcher at Research Institute of

    Petroleum Industry (RIPI), an independent

    consultant of environmental topics and a member

    of Chemical and Aerosol Research Team (CART) at

    Nazarbayev University. His dedication focuses on

    air pollution modeling particularly forecasting

    scenarios. He has done different international

    projects concerning air pollution modeling using

    CAMx and ENVI-Met software, simulation of

    chemical productions units and economic

    evaluation of petrochemical plants. He has

    published several articles related to air quality in

    prestigious journals.

  • AhmadReza Sheikhi
    Specializing in tourism planning with a focus on cultural diversity, Ahmad earned his Ph.D. from the University of La Laguna (ULL), Spain, in 2016. Between 2003 and 2012, he made significant contributions to the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism, and Handicrafts (MCTH). His expertise encompasses Tourism Planning, Hospitality and Tourism, Inter-religious Relations, and Peace through Tourism. Ahmad has actively collaborated with the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)'s Regional Programs for Asia and the Pacific (RPAP). He participated in projects such as the UNWTO TSA workshop in 2015 and contributed to the International ST-EP Organization. Currently, Ahmad holds the position of an assistant professor at Narxoz University in Almaty, Kazakhstan.