Silk Road Case Center

Mission: To lead the “Case Movement” in Central Asia by acting as a window of exchange with the world through case research, case teaching and case writing.

Vision: To become role model in Case Method for Central Asian Management Education Landscape through student development, faculty development and case development contributing to tangible regional development.

Activities: SRCC-NARXOZ contributes to individual, institutional, organizational and regional development by acting as a point of convergence for its stakeholders.

  • For Students: developing analytical and decision-making skills through case solving, field-based case research, case study development toward international conference and international journal publications. Activities under SRCC guidance help students to strengthen their CVs both for higher studies and employment opportunities.
  • For Faculty: Faculty development through programs and supports on Case Teaching, Case Research and Case Authoring & Publishing. SRCC helps faculty members to leverage case methods to maximize teaching impact and to undertake cutting-edge case research on Central Asian Organizations and to develop case studies targeted to SCOPUS indexed Case Journals.
  • For organizations: SRCC interacts with and convinces organizations to participate in Case Development. Case Studies help organizations to enhance outreach and brand impact in both regional and global landscape without any investment.
  • For institutes: SRCC acts as a ‘case method resource center’ for regional institutes for faculty development and case research. It also collaborates with global institutes to conduct collaborative case research on Central Asia.