Take the unique opportunity to combine the diploma of the prestigious NARXOZ University with the ACCA international qualification, which is highly appreciated by employers in Kazakhstan and around the world!
The PM, NPM Master's program INTERNATIONAL AUDIT AND TAXATION (ACCA) is implemented within the framework of the Business School of Narxoz University and is a certification program that provides a certain level of competency that allows students to make a successful career in any market segment and become a certified member of the Global Association of Professional Accountants (ACCA) of a world level.
  • Get the maximum number of exemptions for 9 Fundamental Levels ACCA exams in our bachelor program
  • ACCA recognition internationally
  • Practice-oriented on-the-job learning program
  • Modular Learning Organization
  • Teachers are the best Kazakhstan business trainers
  • In the Master's program NPM (Scientific and Pedagogical) and PM (Profile/Specialized), training is conducted on the basis of the ACCA P-level program, which will make it possible to prepare for ACCA exams
  • A flexible hybrid form of learning that combines classroom and distance learning, which allows students to put their knowledge into practice.
  • Bachelor degree
  • Passing the entrance exam
  • Personal statement


Learning format:
  • Profile/Specialized Master's program (PM)- 1 year
Specialized Master's program is a program that implements applied educational programs aimed at developing professional and managerial skills, and ensuring the training of leading specialists and managers for work in production. The training is based on the P-level ACCA program.

  • Scientific and pedagogical Master's program (NPM) -2 years
The program is intended for those who wish to acquire the competencies of the ACCA program and at the same time engage in science and, at the end, engage in research and teaching activities. The training is based on the P-level ACCA program.
Learning schedule and Language of instruction:
Modular education – learning of each subject separately for 3-4 weeks

English language (with an additional explanation in Russian)
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