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Dear friends!
Law is an integral part of our society. No state in the world can prosper without well-defined legal institutions that create order in all spheres of a country's life, be it relationships in a single family or interstate disputes.

However, over the millennia of human history, the institution of law has turned from individual norms carved in stone into a broad and extensive system that is no longer possible to grasp at a brief glance. And today, for successful
socia life and career, every citizen of his country should know at least the basics of law s from the rules of Constitution to traffic rules.

Research and Educational Department "Law" was created to train well-qualified specialists in the field of jurisprudence. Our goal is to form a new generation of Kazakhstani lawyers with an in-depth knowledge of Kazakh, Russian and English. Our graduates can work in multinational and national companies, banks, private companies, international organizations, law firms and the public sector.

We will always be glad to see you as a student of our school!

Kazieva G.T.
Candidate of Law, ass.professor
Dear friends!
Research and Educational Department " INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS AND
The quality of public administration and international relations is a prerequisite for stable development of the country.

The mission of our research and educational department "International Relations and Management" is to train well-qualified specialists with knowledge and competencies in the field of state and local government, social sphere and international relations that are competitive in international, national and regional labor markets.

The graduate of Research and Educational Department "International Relations and Management" is a role model of a modern civil servant and a qualified expert in the field of domestic and foreign policy relations.

We will always be glad to see you as a student of our school!
PhD, Associate Professor
Zhanbyrbaeva A.N.